This shall be my first foray into 4th edition. I was (am still) hesitant to try the new version. I finally picked up the books and after a cursory review I like what I see.

I choose to develop a custom setting for historical flexibility.

I present Crindelle…

Within the vast Agashean Sea likes the small continent of Crindelle. Settlers from a distant land are said to have seeded the early population. Among the south western frontiers small villages dot the landscape, founded by the earliest explorers. Life was simple until the storm. From the peaks of the Frozen Crown mountains a massive unrelenting storm descended. This was no ordinary storm, everywhere the storm passed over was ravaged by time torn asunder.

It has been 10 months since the storms arrival. The Storm of Ages as it has come to be known now rests at sea to the south. The land of Crindelle have been changed forever by the storms unnatural forces.